Heroin Addiction: Symptoms, Treatment, and Overdose Signs

Treatment for heroin addiction involves medication and behavioral therapy. Outpatient treatment can be very effective when a person is in a supportive environment. Because outpatient treatment requires a person to stay in or near the environment they are accustomed to using heroin in, it can be difficult to avoid the triggers and temptations that lead […]

Limiting Alcohol to Manage High Blood Pressure American Heart Association

Talk to your healthcare provider to discuss your risk factors and if it is safe for you to drink alcohol, even in moderation. Risk factors for high blood pressure include smoking, eating a diet high in sodium, and low physical activity levels. However, current recommendations like those from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […]

3 Ways Drinking Alcohol Affects Your Bowel Movements

Also, evidence is not sufficient for researchers to provide a general recommendation about alcohol use. However, data is trending toward it having a negative effect on IBD symptoms. When you have low blood volume, your blood is not flowing properly and may not be reaching your organs the way it should. In order to get back […]

Government must move faster to stop drug deaths

Entering Stage 3 of the program means Nichushkin violated his Stage 2 treatment plan, which stems from his absence earlier this season. It was not revealed by the league or players association what led to Nichushkin being admitted to the program. Minister of Addictions Bernadette Smith said in an interview last week the province is […]

What Is A Halfway House? Halfway House Rules, Guidelines, & What To Expect

As discussed above, the retirements of EGUs in this subcategory have already been announced, planned for, and in some cases already approved by state and regional utility commissions or grid operators. The Agency finds that the creation of this subcategory provides flexibility for the orderly retirement or fuel conversion of coal-fired EGUs in a way […]

Nutrition Guide For Addiction Recovery

The assessment begins with weight, but dietitians also evaluate heart rate, cholesterol levels and other nutritional levels. They also make sure the person hasn’t turned to food as a coping mechanism. Dietitians try to start rehab clients on a healthy diet as soon as possible, but withdrawal complicates most meal plans. When a person feels […]